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New Jobs

February 15th, 2016

Not quite two months have flown by, quite literally, and a lot has changed for me. When last I wrote on this blog, I was working at Hotel as Front Desk/Night Audit. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to find a better paying job that would pay me better and where I wouldn’t feel quite so anxious all the time.

I succeeded. I started the first week of January, putting my resume on Indeed and applying to anything that seemed like a good fit. Or even somewhat like a good fit. I was aiming to get a decent starting salary and go somewhere that there was potential to grow with that company. Within the first week I had several responses, to which I replied to the ones that seemed most promising to me. After all, I already had a job, I could take the time to pick and choose a bit and I’d received quite the healthy response.

I had several face to face interviews and a couple of phone interviews with varying companies. One in particular, an insurance company that shall remain nameless, not only had me do a phone interview, but also some online testing (a typing test and a personality quiz, I think). The recruiter called me back to do a group interview the very next day after I had finished those online bits, but I had to decline as I had work the next day.

Luckily, there was a career fair the following week and she invited me to come along. I agreed amicably and the days passed. Meanwhile, I got several more emails of interest, including a second email from the same company but a different recruiter for a different position. I decided to stick with the position I was already three layers into (phone interview, online interview/personality quiz thing, typing test, and an online application on top of my resume).

I went to the career fair where things got a little botched up. I was given the information of another job I had not started the process for, but I got things squared away and had a lovely interview that was more like a conversation than an interview. I left feeling hopeful.

The very next day I received a job offer. To start the following Monday. This I had to take time to think about, as I already had a job and I felt it was a good thing to give two weeks notice. In the end, though, the new job was offering twice as much as what I was currently making and there was no way to work both jobs at once (sixteen hours on four of sleep was simply not a feasible idea for me). So I politely left my hotel job and walked into the new job.

I’m a month into training so far and I love it. On Friday we took at a look at the cubicles that we will be sitting at in about another month. It’s all very exciting and new. On the brightest of bright sides, my job is not call center related though I technically will be sitting in a call center. It’s been said that my position hardly ever talks to customers, as our job is entirely web-based.

So things are looking up as I look into the future.

Holiday Cheer

December 23rd, 2015

I must say, I’ve settled in rather nicely at the hotel. I’m off today and tomorrow and work a four hour morning shift in Christmas Day. Next week I work all night shifts, three audits and then a secondary overnight for the auditor on new year’s eve. Which means, for the second year in a row, no parties or drinking for me.

It sucks, like a lot. But what are you gonna do? I could totally be a dick and call out, but the rule of thumb is that everyone at the front desk works New year’s event and just because I got a short stick doesn’t mean much.

Maybe one day I can enjoy ringing in the new year while not at work , but this is not the year. Still, hoping that 2016 is brighter by far than 2015 turned out to be.

After all, it will be a whole new year!

Second Night, Not the Same

August 6th, 2015

I got home within the hour from my second overnight shift at work. I’m at the end of my third week with this hotel and I actually enjoy the work immensely. I like working in Hospitality, I liked working at the Disney Resort. I like organizing/planning events. These are all things I know, which seems to make my career path clearer and less muddied. I don’t want to work at Disney anymore, but I want to stay in the Hospitality/Resort industry, maybe jump over to Event Planning/Coordinating at some point.


Last night was pretty easy, very laidback. Had a woman call me at about 3:30AM to complain about someone in her party getting a rash and then accuse the hotel of having bedbugs. To which I mentally responded: “Umm..what do you want me to do, lady? It’s the middle of the night.” Instead, I told her to call back after 9am. I assume she did as much.


Tonight, we had four people not show up, we had a group of international athletes (boating? kayaking? who knows.) show up at about 2:30-ish(?) and one of them just would not get over the fact that, yes, we had charged his boss for the night that they no-showed and no we weren’t going to fix it. And then he was mad about what floor he was on. Understandably, because we have roof work going on this week, thus our top floor is affected by the noise/smell and he was on the top floor. Not out of cruelty on our part, but we were sold out and he arrived waaaay after midnight. Sucks to suck.


I also had a guy call ten minutes to 3am and complain about his A/C. I had no idea what was wrong with and he repeatedly denied my offer to send our lone jack-of-all-things guy up there (Tony is our Housekeeping & Engineering at night), until finally I told him that I couldn’t help him since I had no idea what was wrong with the thermostat, but I could either move him or send a guy up to fix the problem. Then he gave in, but he was unhappy about it, going so far as to slam his phone down unnecessarily.


Overnight has been, to my surprise, more entertaining than I thought it would be. It might just be that I’m training on nights that we’re pretty much sold out, but there’s more activity than I’d been led to believe and a good amount of work to get through between checking guests in and dealing with hotel issues.


On another note. I want to go to New York. The City, not the state. Real bad. I want to go, I want to spend the money to see Broadway shows – as many of them as I can – and I want…I want more. I want to travel. I want to do things. I work at a hotel, I get the employee rate, whatever it is, at hotels within my general umbrella (Intercontinental group and all of it’s chains). So I want to go and do and see and touch and live.

Sleep Schedule

August 4th, 2015

So I’m trying to change and adjust my sleep schedule. Tonight I work my first ever overnight shift and will again tomorrow.

I’m also still trying to unpack my stuff and get things organized and put away. I’ve not got much to say at the moment, but there will surely be middle of the night updates.

Wish Upon A Star

May 13th, 2015

I haven’t figured out a way to add pictures from my phone.  But I’ll work it out. It’s been an eventful several weeks for me. I moved out of my four bedroom apartment, dealing with anxiety and crying and feeling harassed and bullied. I was moved into a two bedroom apartment that can hold six people. There is one bunk bed in each room along with a single bed. Luckily,  each room also has its own bathroom.


I like the new setting and my new roommates.  No passive aggressive games, no texting with vague threats.  I feel welcome when I go home, as opposed to unwanted and uninvited. It’s much nicer, believe me.  One of my roommates always startles me because when she’s home when I come through the door, she talks to me. Says hi. I used to come home to silence, so it’s a definite change.


Yesterday I hung out at Magic Kingdom all day with two of my greatest friends. Venessa and Manuel.  We joked, we laughed, we took a lot of pictures,  rode the rides, but I didn’t capture every moment. I used to think you had to in order to remember.  I don’t believe that anymore. Living in the moment,  having pieces of the day but not the whole pie? It’s wonderful.


I watched wishes, finally.  It’s different from the one I saw in 2011. I love it. I want to watch it again.


I’m on my way to Hollywood to meet up with Venessa and Alexander and make more memories. Best time of my life!

Hotter and Hotter

April 13th, 2015

It’s hot and it’s only going to get hotter as summer creeps closer.  Worked a long six and a half hours at the shop at the end of The Living Seas with Nemo and Friends. Got out at three, checked the wait times at the various parks. Spring Break is officially over, a lot of the wait time have gone down to more reasonable levels!!!

Managed to secure a fastpass to Mount Everest in Animal Kingdom, so here we go!

Rinse and Repeat

November 8th, 2014

So, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been incredibly busy since August. I attained a second job at McDonald’s and then left my first job of four years due to it’s inability to provide stability. I got a second job at Meijers in September and have been working the two jobs relentlessly ever since.

I work at the front counter at McDonalds and I’m a cashier at Meijers. Both positions have me dealing with money and with food, just in slightly different ways. But it is excellent preparation for Disney where I will, again, be working Merchandise and dealing with money on a daily basis.

Every day at Meijers I talk to my customers openly about my dreams and goals and hopes and fears, because most people buying groceries aren’t particularly talkative, so I make up for it. I have regulars now, people who recognize me and purposefully come through my lane because they know me. Or people who remember me because of my stories and my ability to make them smile. I pride myself on that ability.

McDonald’s is a little harder, I don’t have five to ten minute transactions where i can talk to the customers. They are there to order their food and either eat it or take it with them. I’ve learned that those who frequent fast food restaurants like McDonald’s regularly run the gambit from lazy, rude and unfriendly to friendly and talkative and kind. There are the older gentlemen who come in, usually in the wee hours of the morning, buy some coffee and sit around reading the newspapers, observing passerby outside (what little there is) or talking amongst each other. There are at least a couple of homeless men, one of which I am not fond of because he is often rude. There are the school-aged kids, ranging from nine-ish to seventeen, ranging also in attitudes from lazy to responsible.

I usually work early morning shifts at McDonald’s and then evening shifts at Meijers. My schedule is usually set up in a way that I have very few hours between the end of a shift at Meijers and the beginning of one at McDonald’s. So I’ve taken to taking naps during the afternoon.

Today I had an eight hour shift at McDonald’s, my first, and was supposed to work four hours at Meijers. However, upon arrival, the driver’s door jammed and refused to shut. Frustrated to tears as I only had about seven minutes to clock in when this happened, I ran inside and let my bosses know what had happened. I was told that if I could get the door fixed and if I could come back, it would be appreciated. It turns out I could not get the door fixed.

I love Grand Rapids, but often shops and businesses close early on Saturday or do not open, and rarely is it you find a business that is not a chain like Meijers and McDonald’s open on a Sunday. So I was SOL about the car. It sits now in the garage, door pushed shut but not latched, waiting to be reluctantly driven by my mother to my job in the morning. She’ll drop me off and a friend will come by the house to see what can be done about the door.

It is frustrating and exhausting, but hey! At least we don’t have to move right now!

Birthday Blues

August 12th, 2014

So, as some of my massive multitude of readers may know, I turn 24 in about…an hour and a half. And counting.  This birthday is not significant in any way recognized by society or the government or anything. It is in that it’s the last year I’ll be ‘early twenties’. Although, really, I’m probably mid-twenties at this point. I’m not going to sit here and say my life has gone nowhere. I know where it’s going, I know it takes time and work and effort to get there. I know I will get where I want to be.


I may not be married or have children, may not have a house or a car…Or even financial independence, but I do have a lot. Large, loving families on all three sides (plus a family that has adopted me into their fold).  I’ve graduated high school, community college and a university. I’ve done a number of theatrical shows, I’ve been alive to see both The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy come to life on the screen. I know, I know, that’s a silly thing, but among fantasy writers J.R.R. Tolkien is a master. And I love him.


Tonight I’m feeling a little down. Not depressed, mind you. Just a little reflective and sad. Childhood ended a long time ago for me, but I clung to it and it’s only in the last two years that I’ve really watched it leave my reach. I’ve lost two grandfathers, two men who influenced who I am today a great deal. One, Grandpa Jay, helped raise me in my formative years. Changed diapers (or so I’ve been told), had me over to his house quite often and was an utter joy to be around, even when he was grumpy. I will remember that’s important to sometimes tell the story of the clock when someone asks the time, even though that may take a great deal more time and quite a bit of my listener’s patience. And trying new recipes is never a bad thing.  The second, Grandpa Aral, was definitely a huge impact on my teenage years. He tutored me when I was in middle school and struggling through one class or another, took me fishing and we even unintentionally braved a storm in a canoe.  He believed me when I told him I wanted to be a writer and challenged me in ways that helped me grow.


Yesterday the world lost another great man. Robin Williams. I cried for him as I had cried for my two family members. In an odd way, he himself also influenced me growing up. I watched Hook, Jumanji, Flubber, Aladdin, FernGully, Mrs. Doubtfire, on and on, growing up. I’ve been watching his movies since I was little, and discovering new gems as I’ve grown older (The Birdcage comes to mind as one of my favorites).  While I may never have known the man, I loved him for the way he inspired me through his roles. I’ve even discovered that I love his stand-up. He was a brilliant man and the world is dimmer without him, although the stars have brightened for having his presence among them.


Tonight I got online to lament the fact that I’m about to turn 24 and am legitimately broke. I don’t have thousands of dollars in inheritance magically coming my way ala Hollywood movies, I have a dream that seems far away and daunting and millions of insecurities and worries. I’m caught, at the moment, between two jobs. One that I’ve been working at my entire college career, is losing it’s biggest client and is compensating for that by cancelling the shifts of a large percentage of their employees. Every day. The other is about to start training me…The day after my birthday. I haven’t worked a single day since the end of last month, which means I’m not going to get anything this pay period. I’m worried about how I’m going to pay bills, how I’m going to save up money, how I’m going to be able to do anything.


But…writing this. I realized that while I may have little in monetary value. I am rich in family and in love.  I don’t think there’s anything greater than having a genuinely tight bond with one’s family.  Yes, you may choose your family, and sometimes that means walking away from those who raised you, but…In the end, family is made up of the people who are there in the darkest times and in the brightest, who cheer you on even when you’re broke and scrambling for a dream just out of reach and who help dust you off when you fall.


So, for all my first world worries, I still count myself as extremely lucky. And very very happy. I’ll be 24 soon. And what a year awaits.

Theatre Work

June 25th, 2014

So, I got up at 6:30am. That was so much fun that I am tired. But the early bird gets the worm or something.  Mom dropped me off at Spectrum Theatre at 7:45am. Which was 15 minutes earlier than I expected to be for work, which was fine as I sat and played with a new game I had downloaded onto my phone.

David is here now, got here about ten minutes after me, and we are sitting in the hall waiting for someone from GRCC theatre staff to show up and unlock the door for us.  We are mapping out a preliminary lighting plot but kind of stuck.

David went to check to see if anyone has shown up. We need keys.

Gardening and Cleaning

June 10th, 2014

I don’t like gardening.  I discovered that today after I sent myself outside to pull some weeds. Some weeds turned into two buckets of weeds. Buckets as in tidy car 27 lb buckets. Of weeds. And there are still weeds in the garden areas wrapping around the outside of the house.

I get that gardens create curb appeal,  but I am never going to maintain one.  Not a pretty one, at least. Unless I marry a man who likes to garden.  Or hire a gardener. It’s monotonous work, neverending.

Hell, I may grow to like it just to be contrary with myself.  Cleaning is equally undesirable as a task. Would much rather have a maid or ten. But as it is necessary,  and considerably cheaper, I have realized it is easier to do myself.  And, hey, I am getting better at it. Still want a maid, but I’m winning at something.

Just heard the dryer,  time to fold fold fold. And then get ready for work.  Whee.

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