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Saturday, August 31st, 2002

Everyone has been asking me about school lately.  So I decided to write a little about it! Homeroom Homeroom is the time to read quietly and peacefuly.  SSR basically all we do is read in this class. Math We haven’t started in our books yet because Mrs. Howells didn’t want to give us homeywork.  I […]

Full Day.

Tuesday, August 27th, 2002

Today, August (named after Juleas Ceasar’s step-son (Augustus) a long time ago) 27, 2002 was my full day of school.  My favorite was Social Studies!  We each got a card with a name and information about that person!  This is who I got: Name: Carrie Gregg Age: 24 Education: High School Drop-out Ocuppation: Prisoner at […]

First Day of Seventh Grade!

Monday, August 26th, 2002

Today is my first day of seventh grade.  I got to see peers I hadn’t seen in a while.  I got new teachers and classes.  I got classes with several people I know from last year!  This year we will be doing a whole bunch of projects in Social Studies!  Meaning we will build Pirate […]

Is this for real?

Monday, August 19th, 2002

Yesterday I got to see a Mother I hadn’t seen for three years.  She was much different than what I had expected.  Her voice was much prettier and her hair was much longer too.  She and my parents talked for a few minutes, but I did most of the talking.  I talked about school, my […]

My Mother: Kim McCormick

Wednesday, August 7th, 2002

This isn’t a a topic I usually talk about, but it was the only topic I could think of.  I know one of the reasons I am writing is to give my Aunt Dawn some more to read.  She likes to read my website at least that’s what she said.  I don’t think I will […]

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