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….Do NOT know what to title…SO DON’T ASK!!!

April 25th, 2004

Thanks for the ideas Gram!

My eyes are weird…Sometimes they’re blue, sometimes blue-green, sometimes blue-grey…It’s scary!  I’m never sure what color my eyes are any more.  I mean, I was once told I had GREY eyes.  But one thing I find kinda cool is that a circle of brown surrounds each of my pupils!  That’s the one thing about my eyes that I find SUPER cool!  Dunno why though!

My favorite TV program? Now that’s a hard one seeing as I don’t watch HALF as much TV as I used to…I’d have to say there’s a tie between Digimon and Shaman King…Both are anime, and they both come on at a time that I am not in bed…So I like ‘em both!

What book I am currently reading…Hmmm…To tell the truth I am reading like 7 right now…6 are manga books and the 7th is my dad’s, it’s called American Gods, and I find it quite intriguing!  So…Yeah…The books I’m reading tomorrow will probably change from the books I am reading today though!  Hehe!

How many books I read a MONTH????  I have NO frickin’ idea!!! Maybe 20?  I dunno for sure…A lot though!

Yes, the class I really like at the moment is Spanish…Me thinks me likes it ‘cause its SPANISH!!!! It’s language!  Me LOVES to learn new language!  So much fun!  Hehe!

I’m sorry I’m making you dizzy Gram, don’t mean to…Hehe!  I’m just seriously weird…I make myself dizzy sometimes, by switching from HYPER and SUGAR HIGHS to seriousness and comtemplating the meaning of life…Scary now that I think about it….I just noticed something, when I first started this thing I was hyper all the time, now I’m hyper very rarely…It’s odd…I don’t know why I changed so much…I mean…Now I’m scaring myself…I gotta go…Um…EAT!!! Yes eat…‘cause…I need food…And it’s lunch time…So, I’ll…um…talk later?  Yes that’s it, I’ll talk later…Bai bai!

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  1. momma says:

    American Gods was a great book.  I haven’t got to The Life of Bees yet because your Aunt Cindy has it.  So for me it is Reader’s Digest Selects right now. 
    Question Time:
      If you had a pet what would it be and why?
      What is your favorite time of year and why?
      Are there any sports you like to play? /watch?

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