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April 1st, 2004

Oh my god!  I’m SO sorry!  I totally forgot….And this new unit/project in Social Studies is not helping any!  I know, I know…That’s no excuse, I should have updated long ago…But…Well, I think I may just ask my dad to take this down…I’m getting really bad forgetting and all…APRIL FOOLS!!!! I would never have hime take it down!

Actually, I rushed in here when my dad mentioned this!  I’ll try to keep updating on a regular basis, but I’m not promising anything!  I’m spacey, I spend most of my time on Cloud 9 or in Lalaland, I love to daydream, fanfiction/Anime/Anime Pics practically rule my life, School DOES rule my life, and I tend to let it slip my mind…I am SO sorry…Not that many people read this thing anyway…But that’s ok!!!  Maybe dad’s right….Maybe I SHOULD post my fanfics on my blog…It’s just…Well…Everyone would most likely get confused, because my main story at the moment deals with a world that was created by another Authoress…So…Yeah…Everyone’d have to read a bunch of other stories before they’d understand some aspects of mine…

Anyways…I haven’t found any new Anime to occupy my time with…Then again I know almost twenty or more already so if I add another one to my list it won’t be of much importance…As it is I am forgetting at least HALF the shows I know, and remembering characters whose shows I have to actually SEARCH my brain for, or I’m trying to think of characters and the only ones that come to mind are ones that I think about almost all the time….LITERALLY!!!

You know something weird?  People at school whom I know only by name (AND SOMETIMES NOT!!!!) and a little about them, I think they are called aquaintences?  Well anyway, people who, when I say “Hi!” in the morning or something, barely acknowledge me are…Well…Talking to me….I mean….For example I sometimes go to Sharron’s homeroom before school actually starts and there was a girl in the back who I know by what she looks like, and who’s name escapes me at the moment, broke into a conversation Robin, Sharron, and myself were having about whether or not I should join band in 9th grade and told Robin off for something she’d said.  I had just brushed it off, but I was surprised when that girl did that, I mean, I wasn’t expecting her to do that, heck, I barely KNOW her, but she was nice to me!

Another two girls asked to sign my yearbook at the end of the year last year.  That also took me by surprise…I still don’t get it!  Why do these people keep being nice to me?  Why are they even NOTICING me?

Ya know….I had to get my picture taken by the librarian, I was told so by the Assitant Principal, Mr. McMurray, which I got done AFTER I found out that Mr. Galante had nominated me to be a Student of the Month…WHY?  Why me?  Wasn’t ONE picture enough?  Wasn’t being Student of the Month once before enough?  Now I have to eat pizza with all the other Students of this Month sometime next week…I….Think….Ummm….I have that piece of paper somewhere…It’s in my redbook…Well…ANYways…

Wanna know WHY Mr. McMurray wanted to put me through the humiliation of getting a picture taken by the librarian, Mrs. Orr (She’s my friend! ^_^), in the LRC at lunch break?  Because I always have a BOOK with me where ever I go!!!!  A BOOK!  That’s NOT FAIR!!!  I don’t want to be pulled out of the shadows and showed to everyone that I’m special ‘cause I’m always reading!  I want to stay in the CORNER!!! I want to continue being the-girl-in-the-corner-with-her-nose-in-a-book!!!  I want to continue on my lonely path of never being noticed by substitutes, and all but forgotten about by my past teachers!!!! It’s safer!!!  Now the one thing that makes me an unnoticeable blur of a face that is the only thing teachers can remember is tearing me apart!  BOOKS WITH BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!  I will die of humiliation one day!

I still don’t get why people are picking NOW of all times to notice me and crap!  I don’t appreciate it anymore!  Maybe I would have in 6th grade, but not NOW!!!  I want to be left to myself…Hmmm…Do you think maybe THAT’S why everyone is bothering me and pointing me out and NOTICING me??  ‘Cause I want to be left alone?  It’s NOT FAIR!!!  But I guess I can live with it…*sighs*  It’s just easier to go along with it, ignore it, and say hi to everyone I know at school, even Prem, although on most days he just ignore’s me!  It’s worth it all when I get a response from someone who usually ignores me!  Anyways, I’ma sign out now!

4 Responses to “Shoot!”

  1. momma says:

    You are growing up my dear and the hide in the corner should not be your thing.  69 years has taught me that it cost nothing to smile and say Hi.  In fact these acts of recognition return in many different ways.  Someone may someday help you out with a solution to a problem be it scholastic or social.  Some one else will become a friend for life. Someone else will remember the beautiful girl with the book always said Hello.  So let that beauty shine and stay out of the corner.

  2. momma says:

    Comment #2 All A’s almost is an awsome accomplishment.

  3. ur sis(al) says:

    mention my blog on 1 of ur entrys

  4. cindy says:

    I too hated people talking to me that didn’t know me when I was in school.  I thought it was kind of twisted that they would ignore me for so long and then start talking to me.  Then I realized that if they were making an effort maybe I should make one too.  I never became life long friends with these people, but I did learn a little bit more about them and myself.

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