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January 29th, 2006

I’m scared stiff of Tomorrow.  Monday, January 30, 2006, for I will finally be starting at Pickney High School.  I think one of the hardest things is switching train of thoughts.  When I see PHS I still think Plymouth High School, not Pickney High School.  And I’ve been joking with my friends from P-CEP about my switching from being a Rock to being a Pirate.

I’m actually terrified though.  Pickney’s ways are so alien compared to what P-CEP was like.  For instance, Pickney students don’t carry their backpacks to every class. In P-CEP that was mandatory.  The amount of time between classes is shorter too.  One of the pluses?  My locker is HUGE compared to my Salem locker.

Yet, all that is nothing compared to the bouts of loneliness I’ve been experiencing in the past week.  It’s going to get worse in the mornings and at lunch.  I can only hope I don’t start crying.  I’m really going to miss my strange lunches with my girl friends.  And my funny breakfast times in the morning with any number of friends that managed to make it.

This is totally alien grounds I’m walking on now.  Before, though I was afraid of graduation from Middle School, I knew, even though I didn’t exactly show it, that I would still be near my friends.  I mean, I was riding the same bus, so I was bound to see someone I knew everyday.  Yet, this time, everything is alien.  So, I feel my fears are justified.  I won’t have any of my best friends there to fall on this time, and that seriously frightens me.  I’ve been told I will adjust and make friends quickly, and though that may be true, it won’t be the same.  I had good friends back in P-CEP that I’d kept in touch with from the beginning of 4th grade.  Now I’m starting anew.

I know I’m gonna miss walking across the grounds in a hurry, freezing to death, to get to my classes in Plymouth after lunch. Although, I always did complain about it.  And the closeness of the three schools.  Yet, like everyone’s said.  I’ll adjust.  It’s just a scary change.  Well, I’ll see if I have the energy to get on tomorrow after school or something.

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  1. momma says:

    Try to look at it as a chance to start fresh.  You don’t have those dumb little things you have done in the past to worry about.  You are smart, well read, and a very pretty girl so don’t worry so much about it.  Just smile and relax!!

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