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An interesting weekend to say the least.

August 26th, 2009

I had a very interesting weekend, with the leaving of one roommate and several big events happening in the second store.  It was odd after Kayla left, it still is.  The apartment feels somehow…emptier.  I still expect her to yell at the others for smoking in the apartment, which she never approved of.  It’s weird to come home, even now, and not find her in the living room with her math book.  Or to have her pop into my room at odd hours to say something or other to me.  I didn’t expect it to affect me as much as it has, but…maybe I’ll get over it?

In other news. On Saturday, we had the second day (and end) of the Fudge Festival.  During that, each of the fudge shops (May’s, Joanne’s, etc) got one Golden Ticket. Yes, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  In any case, we each got to put our ticket in a box and sell fudge to customers.  At May’s, in the second shop (where I work), we packed 40 pound boxes, with one slice of Chocolate Nut and two half-slices of different flavors and in one of them went the ticket.  Lee marked them all at random with various symbols (turtle, M, spiral, start, purple mark (man that was funny), etc).  And then he put them up on the shelf behind the counter.

Between 3 and 5 pm, the Golden Ticket search began.  It was exhilarating.  Nobody got our ticket until the very, very end. And the woman who did bought the last eight boxes of fudge for it.  There was a tense moment there when a man wanted one of the original last nine boxes and the woman protested. He snapped that she hadn’t bought them yet and she glared at him.  Other than that, it was a lot of fun. I got a picture of her and her family.  She spent exactly $111.60. And I should know, because I was the one who sold her those boxes.  Oh yes. That’s right. Me.

And then on Mondayyyy, there was a little surprise in the second shop.  Lee got a bunch of people to get in on the idea of doing one of those flash dance things you can find on Youtube. It was incredibly fun.  At about seven pm, we had a lot of people in the fudge shop and the music we play in the background was turned up.  After about a minute, a techno song came on and everybody started dancing.  I had a customer, so I was hesitant to jump in (I had said I’d do so beforehand). But at one point, my customer disappeared into the dancing people (off to dance themselves) and I burst into motion.

It was all a ton of fun and I got more pictures of that event and hopefully I’ll be able to find the video on Youtube.

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  1. Momma says:

    That must have been a fun time for you this week.  I take it you are staying until October.  Love you much gram

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