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June 5th, 2014

So, today I tried my hand at something new. I tried baking. I also sucked horribly at it.  I was worried I didn’t have the right ingredients for a proper batch of brownies, so I looked up some simpler recipes online. Specifically microwave recipes.   The first one I tried was a recipe that would make enough brownie for 5-6 people. I ran around making sure I had all the ingredients necessary and got my mixer put together.  I steadily mixed the ingredients together, feeling pleased that I was proving so capable all on my own.  I couldn’t find a 1/2 cup so I used 1/4 cup and just doubled it to equal the 1/2 cup measurements I needed.


I got the batch into the microwave and sat down to scroll through the comments. There, to my horror, I realized that the ingredients called for a cup of sugar and I’d only put in a 1/2 cup. I rushed back to the microwave and discovered that I was, of course, too late. Feeling down, I popped the door and pulled out my creation. Tasting it, I realized I’d added more than a dash of cinnamon, so the brownie flavor seemed overwhelmed. I was really upset by the ruin I’d made and I considered throwing the whole thing away.


I didn’t. Instead, I set it aside, deciding to call mom and ask her to pick up some frosting. Hopefully the frosting will mask the…cinnamon. The brownies weren’t inedible, I just hadn’t added as much sugar as I had intended, due to misreading the directions.


I took a seat and, to my own shame, ended up looking up some more recipes.  Of mug brownies this time. After some looking, I settled on a simple-ish recipe and got up. With a mug and the ingredients set out on the counter, I mixed up this new creation.  I popped it into the microwave and waited for the minute it was supposed to take. One minute up, I looked, it didn’t seem very brownie-ish, more like heated up batter. I tasted it. Definitely batter. I popped it back in for another minute. About thirty seconds into the second minute, I checked again. The batter had started crawling up the sides of the mug. Curious to see if it had worked, I dipped a finger into it.


It burned, it was super super hot. Silly me, I stuck my finger into my mouth and burned my tongue, too. I hopped about in the kitchen, flailing for the sink.  Cold water on my finger, some on my poor tongue, I glanced balefully at the mug.  Like it had done that on purpose. I tried a last time to get a brownie, putting it back in for the final 30 seconds.


It came out, still not a brownie, but really really hot. So now, I’m waiting for it to cool to see if it at least tastes good and trying to figure out what I did wrong. This time I followed the directions perfectly, I doubled checked even. Maybe my mug is too big. I’m not sure. At least I have some gooey, chocolatey…whatever it is to enjoy.

2 Responses to “Baking Adventures”

  1. momma says:

    I would shy away from the Microwave and use the oven. I think You will have better luck with the brownies. On the other hand you have to take credit for trying. I have some questionable outcomes when I try cooking meals so don’t feel bad. Keep trying you will get it right yet.

  2. Les Jenkins says:

    This is definitely a skill that improves with practice so don’t let a few stumbles along the way get you down. You may find that cooking becomes a passion as you get better at it. Or at least you’ll be able to eat more than Mac & Cheese from a box once you’re on your own.

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