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Rinse and Repeat

November 8th, 2014

So, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been incredibly busy since August. I attained a second job at McDonald’s and then left my first job of four years due to it’s inability to provide stability. I got a second job at Meijers in September and have been working the two jobs relentlessly ever since.

I work at the front counter at McDonalds and I’m a cashier at Meijers. Both positions have me dealing with money and with food, just in slightly different ways. But it is excellent preparation for Disney where I will, again, be working Merchandise and dealing with money on a daily basis.

Every day at Meijers I talk to my customers openly about my dreams and goals and hopes and fears, because most people buying groceries aren’t particularly talkative, so I make up for it. I have regulars now, people who recognize me and purposefully come through my lane because they know me. Or people who remember me because of my stories and my ability to make them smile. I pride myself on that ability.

McDonald’s is a little harder, I don’t have five to ten minute transactions where i can talk to the customers. They are there to order their food and either eat it or take it with them. I’ve learned that those who frequent fast food restaurants like McDonald’s regularly run the gambit from lazy, rude and unfriendly to friendly and talkative and kind. There are the older gentlemen who come in, usually in the wee hours of the morning, buy some coffee and sit around reading the newspapers, observing passerby outside (what little there is) or talking amongst each other. There are at least a couple of homeless men, one of which I am not fond of because he is often rude. There are the school-aged kids, ranging from nine-ish to seventeen, ranging also in attitudes from lazy to responsible.

I usually work early morning shifts at McDonald’s and then evening shifts at Meijers. My schedule is usually set up in a way that I have very few hours between the end of a shift at Meijers and the beginning of one at McDonald’s. So I’ve taken to taking naps during the afternoon.

Today I had an eight hour shift at McDonald’s, my first, and was supposed to work four hours at Meijers. However, upon arrival, the driver’s door jammed and refused to shut. Frustrated to tears as I only had about seven minutes to clock in when this happened, I ran inside and let my bosses know what had happened. I was told that if I could get the door fixed and if I could come back, it would be appreciated. It turns out I could not get the door fixed.

I love Grand Rapids, but often shops and businesses close early on Saturday or do not open, and rarely is it you find a business that is not a chain like Meijers and McDonald’s open on a Sunday. So I was SOL about the car. It sits now in the garage, door pushed shut but not latched, waiting to be reluctantly driven by my mother to my job in the morning. She’ll drop me off and a friend will come by the house to see what can be done about the door.

It is frustrating and exhausting, but hey! At least we don’t have to move right now!

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  1. momma says:

    You are to be commended on your tenacity to reach your goals. Working one job is hard but working two takes a special person to succeed. You are like your Aunt Cindy who works double shifts because that is what it takes to get by. Love you much –think of you often. gram

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