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Wish Upon A Star

May 13th, 2015

I haven’t figured out a way to add pictures from my phone.  But I’ll work it out. It’s been an eventful several weeks for me. I moved out of my four bedroom apartment, dealing with anxiety and crying and feeling harassed and bullied. I was moved into a two bedroom apartment that can hold six people. There is one bunk bed in each room along with a single bed. Luckily,  each room also has its own bathroom.


I like the new setting and my new roommates.  No passive aggressive games, no texting with vague threats.  I feel welcome when I go home, as opposed to unwanted and uninvited. It’s much nicer, believe me.  One of my roommates always startles me because when she’s home when I come through the door, she talks to me. Says hi. I used to come home to silence, so it’s a definite change.


Yesterday I hung out at Magic Kingdom all day with two of my greatest friends. Venessa and Manuel.  We joked, we laughed, we took a lot of pictures,  rode the rides, but I didn’t capture every moment. I used to think you had to in order to remember.  I don’t believe that anymore. Living in the moment,  having pieces of the day but not the whole pie? It’s wonderful.


I watched wishes, finally.  It’s different from the one I saw in 2011. I love it. I want to watch it again.


I’m on my way to Hollywood to meet up with Venessa and Alexander and make more memories. Best time of my life!

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  1. momma says:

    Well sometimes a change is necessary to improve your life. I hope your new home works out well for you. Keep posting I’m reading love gram

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