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Second Night, Not the Same

August 6th, 2015

I got home within the hour from my second overnight shift at work. I’m at the end of my third week with this hotel and I actually enjoy the work immensely. I like working in Hospitality, I liked working at the Disney Resort. I like organizing/planning events. These are all things I know, which seems to make my career path clearer and less muddied. I don’t want to work at Disney anymore, but I want to stay in the Hospitality/Resort industry, maybe jump over to Event Planning/Coordinating at some point.


Last night was pretty easy, very laidback. Had a woman call me at about 3:30AM to complain about someone in her party getting a rash and then accuse the hotel of having bedbugs. To which I mentally responded: “Umm..what do you want me to do, lady? It’s the middle of the night.” Instead, I told her to call back after 9am. I assume she did as much.


Tonight, we had four people not show up, we had a group of international athletes (boating? kayaking? who knows.) show up at about 2:30-ish(?) and one of them just would not get over the fact that, yes, we had charged his boss for the night that they no-showed and no we weren’t going to fix it. And then he was mad about what floor he was on. Understandably, because we have roof work going on this week, thus our top floor is affected by the noise/smell and he was on the top floor. Not out of cruelty on our part, but we were sold out and he arrived waaaay after midnight. Sucks to suck.


I also had a guy call ten minutes to 3am and complain about his A/C. I had no idea what was wrong with and he repeatedly denied my offer to send our lone jack-of-all-things guy up there (Tony is our Housekeeping & Engineering at night), until finally I told him that I couldn’t help him since I had no idea what was wrong with the thermostat, but I could either move him or send a guy up to fix the problem. Then he gave in, but he was unhappy about it, going so far as to slam his phone down unnecessarily.


Overnight has been, to my surprise, more entertaining than I thought it would be. It might just be that I’m training on nights that we’re pretty much sold out, but there’s more activity than I’d been led to believe and a good amount of work to get through between checking guests in and dealing with hotel issues.


On another note. I want to go to New York. The City, not the state. Real bad. I want to go, I want to spend the money to see Broadway shows – as many of them as I can – and I want…I want more. I want to travel. I want to do things. I work at a hotel, I get the employee rate, whatever it is, at hotels within my general umbrella (Intercontinental group and all of it’s chains). So I want to go and do and see and touch and live.

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  1. momma says:

    The wants will come. Right now enjoy, learn, and help people that come with problems now. It sounds like a very interesting job my friend with lots of chances to show you expertise. Keep me posted love gram

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