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February 15th, 2016

Not quite two months have flown by, quite literally, and a lot has changed for me. When last I wrote on this blog, I was working at Hotel as Front Desk/Night Audit. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to find a better paying job that would pay me better and where I wouldn’t feel quite so anxious all the time.

I succeeded. I started the first week of January, putting my resume on Indeed and applying to anything that seemed like a good fit. Or even somewhat like a good fit. I was aiming to get a decent starting salary and go somewhere that there was potential to grow with that company. Within the first week I had several responses, to which I replied to the ones that seemed most promising to me. After all, I already had a job, I could take the time to pick and choose a bit and I’d received quite the healthy response.

I had several face to face interviews and a couple of phone interviews with varying companies. One in particular, an insurance company that shall remain nameless, not only had me do a phone interview, but also some online testing (a typing test and a personality quiz, I think). The recruiter called me back to do a group interview the very next day after I had finished those online bits, but I had to decline as I had work the next day.

Luckily, there was a career fair the following week and she invited me to come along. I agreed amicably and the days passed. Meanwhile, I got several more emails of interest, including a second email from the same company but a different recruiter for a different position. I decided to stick with the position I was already three layers into (phone interview, online interview/personality quiz thing, typing test, and an online application on top of my resume).

I went to the career fair where things got a little botched up. I was given the information of another job I had not started the process for, but I got things squared away and had a lovely interview that was more like a conversation than an interview. I left feeling hopeful.

The very next day I received a job offer. To start the following Monday. This I had to take time to think about, as I already had a job and I felt it was a good thing to give two weeks notice. In the end, though, the new job was offering twice as much as what I was currently making and there was no way to work both jobs at once (sixteen hours on four of sleep was simply not a feasible idea for me). So I politely left my hotel job and walked into the new job.

I’m a month into training so far and I love it. On Friday we took at a look at the cubicles that we will be sitting at in about another month. It’s all very exciting and new. On the brightest of bright sides, my job is not call center related though I technically will be sitting in a call center. It’s been said that my position hardly ever talks to customers, as our job is entirely web-based.

So things are looking up as I look into the future.

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  1. momma says:

    Well it seems like you have accomplished Part of what you set out to do. I hope this works out well for you.

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