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Baking Adventures

June 5th, 2014

So, today I tried my hand at something new. I tried baking. I also sucked horribly at it.  I was worried I didn’t have the right ingredients for a proper batch of brownies, so I looked up some simpler recipes online. Specifically microwave recipes.   The first one I tried was a recipe that would make enough brownie for 5-6 people. I ran around making sure I had all the ingredients necessary and got my mixer put together.  I steadily mixed the ingredients together, feeling pleased that I was proving so capable all on my own.  I couldn’t find a 1/2 cup so I used 1/4 cup and just doubled it to equal the 1/2 cup measurements I needed.


I got the batch into the microwave and sat down to scroll through the comments. There, to my horror, I realized that the ingredients called for a cup of sugar and I’d only put in a 1/2 cup. I rushed back to the microwave and discovered that I was, of course, too late. Feeling down, I popped the door and pulled out my creation. Tasting it, I realized I’d added more than a dash of cinnamon, so the brownie flavor seemed overwhelmed. I was really upset by the ruin I’d made and I considered throwing the whole thing away.


I didn’t. Instead, I set it aside, deciding to call mom and ask her to pick up some frosting. Hopefully the frosting will mask the…cinnamon. The brownies weren’t inedible, I just hadn’t added as much sugar as I had intended, due to misreading the directions.


I took a seat and, to my own shame, ended up looking up some more recipes.  Of mug brownies this time. After some looking, I settled on a simple-ish recipe and got up. With a mug and the ingredients set out on the counter, I mixed up this new creation.  I popped it into the microwave and waited for the minute it was supposed to take. One minute up, I looked, it didn’t seem very brownie-ish, more like heated up batter. I tasted it. Definitely batter. I popped it back in for another minute. About thirty seconds into the second minute, I checked again. The batter had started crawling up the sides of the mug. Curious to see if it had worked, I dipped a finger into it.


It burned, it was super super hot. Silly me, I stuck my finger into my mouth and burned my tongue, too. I hopped about in the kitchen, flailing for the sink.  Cold water on my finger, some on my poor tongue, I glanced balefully at the mug.  Like it had done that on purpose. I tried a last time to get a brownie, putting it back in for the final 30 seconds.


It came out, still not a brownie, but really really hot. So now, I’m waiting for it to cool to see if it at least tastes good and trying to figure out what I did wrong. This time I followed the directions perfectly, I doubled checked even. Maybe my mug is too big. I’m not sure. At least I have some gooey, chocolatey…whatever it is to enjoy.

My Little Baby Off to Destroy People

May 31st, 2014

We’re getting to the best part. The “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”. Silence in the theater please. Silence. This is literally the best song in the whole movie!

The Ancestors

May 31st, 2014

Have you ever actually listened when the ancestors are arguing? I love that part of Mulan. My favorite line is: “No, your great-granddaughter had to be a CROSSDRESSER!” I just don’t even know why, but I love it. The emotions in the words, the expression on the lady’s face. It’s a great line.

Rebel Mulan

May 31st, 2014

Has anyone ever noticed, or pointed out, that Mulan’s family is all women and only one man? Seriously, her grandmother, her mother and herself and then just her dad. And her dad’s all ‘honor, honor, now that things are tense I’m going to lash out at you about not knowing your place even though earlier I was praising you for being you.’  Because that totally isn’t a mixed message. I support Mulan’s mother in denying him her affections!


May 31st, 2014

Mulan is a procrastinator, if nothing else. I mean, she was writing notes on her arm for her ‘exam’ the morning of said test. If she wasn’t prepared, it meant she hadn’t been studying. Which, by college kid standards, means she was procrastinating rather than doing the necessary work. A girl after my own heart.

Freaking Site

May 31st, 2014

I thought quick post would let me just post my thoughts as I went.  Nope, all this time I’ve been saving everything as a draft. Annoying. Let’s try this again.

From the New World to China

May 31st, 2014

And here we go onto one of my favorite Disney Princesses. I love Mulan. I love that she ignores society’s rules to protect her father. I love that she’s a badass. I also love that she doesn’t rely on a man to find happiness. She finds happiness in being awesome, oh and honor. She brings honor to her family. Yes, yes, yes.

Tragic Ending

May 31st, 2014

Now I remember why I hate this movie. John Smith annoys me so much that Pocahontas falling in love with him just pisses me off. But, as a child, what bothered me the most was actually the ending. Our lovely heroine is all in love, the conflict is all resolved. And John Smith leaves. Disney jipped us of a happy ending. So not cool.

Gay Representation

May 31st, 2014

Can I just say that I really think Radcliffe’s assistant dude is gay? He just…gives off the vibe in spades. Not sure if it’s his efficiency, his ability to make things out of anything, his utter not-a-bruteness or what. Yes, yes, I realize those are all gay men stereotypes, but I think he’s a gay man stereotype. And I like him.

Colors of the Wind

May 31st, 2014

My favorite song in the entire movie. I still hate John Smith, but dammmn the colors in this sequence are beyond gorgeous. The song has such a wonderful message about how he doesn’t know everything as he thinks he does. Also, Pocahontas is gorgeous. Love her.

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