Degrees of Oddity

True Love

May 31st, 2014

I love Pocahontas. I don’t love John Smith. Enough said, I think.


May 31st, 2014

The comedy acts in this movie just…don’t work for me. From Grandmother Willow spitting a squirrel off of her mouth to the ridiculous antics of Meeko, I just…don’t like them. They seem to cut across the gravity of the rest of the movie. And that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Pocahontas is visually gorgeous, the entire movie, but…For me, at least, the normal comedy routine Disney likes just doesn’t fit right. Also, what kind of conditioner is Pocahontas using? Dat hair!

Dream Man

May 31st, 2014

I really think that Pocahontas made a bad decision. She decided to be all rebellious and do her own thing. You know, make her own decisions and stuff. Fall in love with blond, blue-eyed John Smith. Help stop her tribe and the brutish English stop trying to kill each other. Very wild.

But, personally, I liked Kocoum much better. He was handsomer and pretty badass. She just didn’t appreciate him enough. And that got him killed. Not cool Pocahontas. He was an awesome guy. A little grim-faced, maybe. But handsome. Also shirtless. For the entirety of his appearance in the movie. I guess shirts could be alluring if you were used to shirtless hotties running around.


May 31st, 2014

I love the duality of this film. First, we get an introductory scene from England about John Smith and how awesome he is and how evil Radcliffe is. And how the Englishmen just want gold. Setting them up as both protagonists and also antagonist.

And then we jump to the ‘New World’, where we are introduced to the peaceful, wonderful life the natives are leading. Steady as the beating drum, as the song goes. The color palettes are entirely different, as is the energy for each set of characters.


May 31st, 2014

Oddly, this whole storm-on-the-ocean thing reminds me a lot of the beginning of The Little Mermaid. You know, where Eric almost drowns and gets saved by the pretty redhead? Yeah…some definite similarities between John and Eric.

Disney Marathon

May 31st, 2014

So, today is my day off and it’s been a beautiful day. I started the day out at 7am, when the dogs lost their marbles because OH MY GOD THE SUN IS UP WE MUST GREET IT. Loudly. Dogs, right?


So the day started. I went to breakfast with Mom and Granny, had a cinnamon roll and some hashbrowns. Came back home, collected my notebook and went off to my production meeting at a chinese restaurant. Had a big, big lunch of sweet and sour chicken, the best stuff in the whole of the world.


I spent the rest of the day at home, because it turns out I didn’t need the extra hours at work, and so I took the day and had fun. Watching some movies, found out ABC Family was doing a marathon tonight. Pocahontas, Mulan and The Little Mermaid. No Lion King, my favorite, but it’s a good trio of movies. ┬áSo, here we are, starting with Pocahontas.


All the men are saying goodbye to their women. Or mothers, as the case may be with Thomas.

Candy Cane Kisses

February 21st, 2013

So, tonight is dress rehearsal. And, since I’ve been spending my entire days at school this week, except Tuesday which I will cover in another post, I’ve been packing enough food for two meals. Lunch and dinner. In the packing, I randomly decided to pack up some of my candy cane flavored Hershey kisses. I had a bag and a half left over from the four bags I bought over Christmas break. I got sick of them and squirreled them away for later in the year.

Anyway, I packed some of those amongst my other food items, in a little ziplock bag. And I carried them around all day. Didn’t eat a single one. Got to rehearsal. Ate all my baby carrots. Ate all my chez mix. Ate my ramen. Had only the kisses and a small package of crackers and cheese left. Fiddled with the kisses for the last part of the first act.

Then, intermission came. I bounced to my feet and came up with a spontaneous, ingenious idea. The soundboard operator didn’t want any, but no worries. I wandered around, depositing them in the hands of all the crew members and each of the four cast members, the stage manager, the assistant stage manager, the guy who plays the statue at the beginning of the play and one specific audience member (one of my professors who is on leave this semester due to an operation on his leg).

One of the actors oblingingly screamed for me after I told him how I desperately wanted to open the men’/s dressing room and have them scream. And an actress chased me down to hug me.

In the end, everyone loves me, and that is the best feeling in the world.

‘Til next time!!!

Hell Week is Here

February 16th, 2013

So, tomorrow begins Hell Week.

I signed up to do the lightboard operating for a Student Directed One Act. And this will start tomorrow. The stage manager wants everyone to go in tomorrow and watch the play so we understand what we’re being asked to do. So, I have that lovely event planned for tomorrow night.

And then every night following tomorrow I will be at school doing run throughs. Thus, I have taken the week off of work and will probably spend twelve or more hours on school premises each day. That should be fun! Sort of. Except for the fact that Student Directed One Acts are usually pretty spazzy. We won’t get the theatre until late Monday night, which means everything is going to be rushed and we open up on Thursday.

Already, this week is looking pretty rushed!

Winter Blues and School Flus

February 7th, 2013

So, in the first few weeks of school, I’ve already worked my way through sickness and worked my butt off on another huuuuuge set.

Three Penny Opera opened last weekend. I plan to go see it this Sunday so that I can be present for Strike (wherein we take everything apart again). I’m not sure I’m exactly enthusiastic about seeing this particular production. I mean…the hay bales alone make me wanna cry. We didn’t get to them until the last week just before the play opened and they look horrible. You see, someone up high didn’t want to use REAL hay bales, because…Well, I still don’t entirely understand their reasoning, but they didn’t. So, we (those of us who work in the scene shop) had big rectangles of styrofoam blocks brought in and we smoothed the edges into curves. Then we were given several different types of glue and some real hay bales and told to figure out how to attach the hay (straw, actually) to the styrofoam blocks with glue.

We tried several different methods, but it all came out crap. It turns out that hot glue, despite melting the styrofoam, dries the fastest. Although it takes the longest, it is the best bet. For us, at least. In any case, it didn’t matter, the show went up with crappy hay bales and we’ve been working on fixing/prettifying them ever since. Noah determined the method that works best. A shit ton of hot glue in a small area and then rub in straw, the small bits not the long bits. It’s extremely time consuming, but it looks really good.

Noah and I talked to our boss, Chris, on Monday about what the plans were for the next month or so. The next big, big play we have coming up isss….The Good Person of Szechwan. Or something like that. Not sure of the spelling, I’ve seen at least two or three different versions of that last word. Point is, it’s our next biggie. Six weeks. But! Alas, between now and then we have dance recitals and a Student Directed One-Act. So, we’re going to not only be busy, but hurting for storage space.

Good Person will require a…I believe it’s a turn table. Where the stage turns. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a massive structure that we’re going to have to build and store until we can put it on the stage itself. Fun times ahead!

On another note. Winter really sucks. I hate winter.

Happy Tidings!

November 10th, 2012

Today was a long, fun day. Got up at seven, went to school, sat through two hours of classes, had lunch, and went to the super-fun scene shop job I hold at GVSU’s theater. Where I managed to both bang my head and nearly break both of my thumbs.

I was staining a wooden desk for the show that opened tonight, and my partner and I had to stain all of it. Which, of course, means crawling underneath and staining all of that too. Me, being me, I managed to bang my head against one of the corners at least once.

And then a little later, I was helping Al (set designer/teacher) get large flats up and down off a work stable. Flats he then spray painted using a stencil he’d spent an entire afternoon routing out (boy, was that a dusty affair!). Several of these flats had wheels on them, because on stage they had to turn all the way around (thus offering two functions for the play!). I was helping Al get one down. He had the top and I had the end with wheels. He told me not to grab the bottom because it was basically paper. So, I wrapped my hands around the wheels. We lifted and started to tilt, but my thumbs got caught between the wheel and the wood (when you’re holding a large piece of wood by the wheels, there’s no easy way to adjust your grip so that you can get out of the way). The further down we went, the more my thumbs bent backward.

And I’m not talking about just the thumb, I’m talked it went all the way down to the palm. The entire thumb-joint-area. I made noises of pain and Al pulled back up. He gave me time to adjust my grip and we managed to set it down properly. But now my thumbs are bruised.

After scene shop, I went home, did some housework, unpacked and re-packed my backpack and caught the bus to Ann Arbor. Which is where I am, sitting next to my father. Happy Weekend!

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